Waste Restrictions Guide

At MapWaste Skip Hire , we are committed to providing efficient and responsible waste disposal solutions. To ensure the safety of our staff, protect the environment, and comply with regulations, we have established a list of waste types that are strictly prohibited from being placed in our skips.

If you are uncertain about whether a particular material is acceptable, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team at 0800 8085475. They are ready to assist you and provide guidance on proper waste disposal.

Below is a comprehensive list of waste types that are not allowed in our skips. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and it is in the interest of everyone’s safety and environmental responsibility that these items are kept out of our skips.

Any Upholstered Items

Prohibited on skip hire due to difficulties in recycling and potential environmental impact. This includes sofas, chairs, and other upholstered furniture.

Any flammables

For safety reasons, any materials that are highly flammable or combustible, such as fuels, oils, or easily ignitable substances, are strictly prohibited.

Food Waste

Skip hire excludes organic waste like food scraps, as they decompose and may attract pests, causing hygiene issues.


Hazardous asbestos materials are prohibited due to health risks associated with their fibres when disturbed.


Any type of batteries, containing hazardous materials, are not allowed to be disposed of in skips.


Skip hire doesn't accommodate tyres due to their resilience and difficulty in disposal.


Harmful chemicals, including corrosive or toxic substances, are restricted to ensure safe waste disposal.

Compressed Gas

Containers with compressed gas are excluded from skip hire for safety concerns.

Medical Waste

Skip hire doesn't cater to medical waste, which requires specialized disposal methods.

Fluorescent Tubes

Due to the presence of hazardous materials, fluorescent tubes are not allowed in skips.


Skip hire prohibits solvents, which can be harmful to the environment and human health.


Any type of fuels, including petrol or diesel, is not permitted for disposal in skips.

Electrical Equipment

Skip hire excludes electronic devices, ensuring proper e-waste recycling channels are utilized.

TVs or Computer Monitors

Electronic display devices are restricted in skips due to their potential environmental impact.

Fridges (Extra Charge - £50)

Extra charges apply for the disposal of fridges due to their complex and environmentally sensitive components.

Freezers (Extra Charge - £50)

Similar to fridges, freezers carry an additional charge for their proper disposal.

Mattresses (Extra Charge - Single £20, Double £30)

Special charges are applicable for mattresses to cover the cost of their specific disposal requirements.

Paints (Empty Paint Pots Allowed)

Empty paint pots are accepted, but paints themselves are restricted due to their chemical composition.


Skip hire excludes pesticides to prevent environmental contamination.

Car Waste (Motor Oil, Anti-Freeze, etc.)

Automotive fluids and materials are not allowed due to their hazardous nature.


Pressurized aerosol cans are restricted for safety reasons during skip disposal.


Skip hire does not accommodate liquid waste due to potential spillage and environmental impact.


Any type of human or animal waste is not permitted in skips for hygiene reasons.

Hazardous Waste

Skip hire excludes any waste categorized as hazardous, ensuring proper handling and disposal.

Toxic Waste

Materials with toxic properties are strictly prohibited to prevent environmental harm.

Carpets (Extra Charge - £30, Maximum of 2)

Additional charges apply for carpet disposal, with a maximum limit of two carpets.

Carpet Tiles

Skip hire excludes carpet tiles, emphasizing their specific disposal requirements.

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